Her Secretary, Her Slut- Part 2

My Job Interview- Part 2

Slut Trissy,

I have now examined your resume. There are some obvious omissions. Present yourself to me with my cane for a caning ASAP.

Mistress K.

Dear Mistress K.,

i am so sorry- i know i do deserve a severe skirt up, panties down spanking over Your desk.

On my knees for You,

trissy lovelace


You made me very wet when I pulled down your silk panties and slapped your bare bottom with my hand. I couldn't wait to cane you. I needed to hear you whimper every time. I am going to strap on my dildo now and expect you to turn around and suck me knelt in front on me. When I think you deserve something else I will tell you. Now suck me.

Mistress K.

Dear Mistress K.,

i kneel at Your feet presenting Your cane to You with trembling hands. i whimper as You grasp my ear and bend me forcefully over Your desk.

The evening air feels cool on my white bottom as You slowly lower my lacy silk panties to my stocking tops. Present your bottom, gurl You snap and i gasp as Your strong hand slaps some colour into my cheeks. i hear the terrible swish as You test Your cane and my knees start to shake. Perhaps six of the best, for a start, will change your attitude, missy, You hiss, I am going to thrash your pretty little bottom until you are begging me to let you suck My girlcock. And this time I want to see some real enthusiasm. Sluts like you belong on your knees!


trissy lovelace


I am dripping. My strap-on needs to be serviced. Slowly first and then much faster. I want to rape your mouth now!!

Mistress K.

Dear Mistress K.,

Please, Miss, don t hurt me! i squeal, as You tap my bottom teasingly with Your cane.You laugh huskily, Your passion rising. You love to cane Your sluts, and i am aching to be Yours completely, to wear the mark of your cane proudly. Swick, swick, swick- Your cane strikes quickly and firmly, forcing three frantic shrieks from my reluctant mouth- i did so want to take my caning like a big gurl.

You stop to admire the three raised red welts, then slide Your free hand beneath me. As You caress my swelling clit through my panties, i can smell Your arousal. You slowly add three more stripes across my squirming bottom, caressing me after each stroke.Tears of both pain and joy fill my eyes and spill down my cheeks as i eagerly sink to my knees before You. i softly grasp Your proud strap-on with one pinknailed hand and guide it delicately to my soft, red lipstick lips. i whimper with delight as i circle the head with the tip of my tongue. i feel so greedy, so slutty, so very, very submissive as my lips open and You slowly... (to be continued).

Wetly Yours,


Slut Trissy

As I pound your willing, lipstick coated mouth and cane your bottom my hips thrust into you and I come in waves, my juices soak my cunt and run down my thighs. You made me come sucking my strap-on. I need you to lubricate my dick with my cum and turn around. What should I do next slut ?

Dear Mistress K.

i feel so greedy, so slutty, so very, very submissive as my lips open and You slowly .......rock Your hips forward and back. The tip of the strap-on is wet and from the delicious scent i realize You have rubbed Your juices onto the tip. i moan excitedly as i greedily lick them off. Mmmmm, hormone therapy is so good for me.

Lift your skirt for me, trissy, You order. i delicately grasp the lace-trimmed hem with both hands and lift it high, exposing my whipped bottom to Your gaze. With one hand You force my lips further onto Your cock and with the other You start to rhythmically whip my thrust-out ass with Your cane. i whimper and squeal as You slowly fuck my hungry mouth, my lipstick leaving bright red smears all over Your strap-on.

 i can feel my earrings swaying in time to Your thrusts. i look up at You in worship as i degrade myself so completely for You. It feels SO right to be Your cocksucking slut. My throbbing clittie stretches my sweet panties; my gurlie-pussy pulsates, anxious to be firmly filled. Your hips rock faster and faster as You take me, raping my all-to-willing mouth.

What a glorious, willing slut You have made me!Your breathing is getting faster and faster, Your wetness is starting to run down Your gorgeous thigh. i suck and bob frantically on Your cock, my bottom wiggling from side to side under the sting of Your caning. Can i make You come just from sucking Your cock? i want to serve You so much, with every molecule in my subbie-slut body.

(to be continued)

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Her Secretary, Her Slut

Job Application Part 1

Secretary and Slut

In this challenging economy, i have been applying for work as a Lady's secretary. 

Here is one reply. Fingers crossed!!

The email read:

"Trissy, suck my strap-on you bitch. I want to see it smeared

in your lipstick. My secretary should use my email address


Mistress K"

i quickly replied:

"Dear Mistress K,

Thank You so much for allowing me to e-mail You directly. i hope i can prove myself a worthy secretary/slut. i would love to be on my knees before You right now, with my fresh red lipstick and my just-thrashed bottom burning for You.

i have on a soft ivory blouse, businesslike but subtly sexy. My skirt is a short, tight gray pinstripe miniskirt. When i bend over the lacy tops of my sheer tan stockings show- how naughty! My high heels are black patent with 4" heels, forcing me to take short, mincing steps and forcing my rounded bottom out

provocatively. My long, light brown hair is held back out of the way with a pink ribbon.

My lacy bra is a delicate pink, matching my garter belt and lace-trimmed tap panties. My tap panties are silk, of course, and tightly caressing, worn over my garter belt for ease of lowering or removal. Underneath these, i wear a pink lycra thong- these keep my swollen 'clittie' under tight control, help hold in my 'training plug', and provide easy access to my bottom for spankings or more! This double-pantie idea was an invention of Mistress J. (see my blog) and was very well tested.

If You were here now, standing commandingly over my kneeling figure, i would look up at You shyly with tears in my eyes (You spank SO hard!) and softly kiss the end of Your strap-on. My silk tap panties are around my ankles and my skirt hiked up around my waist, exposing my red,freshly thrashed bottom to the

cooling air. You smile Your approval and, with one gentle pink-nailed hand, i grasp the shaft delicately and lick the head tentatively (i think it is so important to retain one's femininity when sucking 'Girlcock'). i gently pump my soft fingers up and down Your shaft and swirl my tongue around the tip.

Mmmmm, so good, i can almost feel it sliding into my tight 'pussy' now. My lips clamp firmly around Your 'cock-head' and i start to bob my head back and forth, taking You in deeper and deeper. Ohmigod, i love this- sucking You,

worshipping You. With my other hand, i start caressing my 'clit' through my thong with just the tips of two fingers, like a girl. i start to moan and whimper girlishly with desire as i suck You off, leaving crimson smears of my lipstick all over Your 'cock'. i'm getting more and more excited as You rock Your hipsback and forward, forcing Your 'cock' into my eager mouth. You grasp my hair tightly and rape my slutty mouth, pumping hard and aggressively i am moaning in

time to Your thrusting, pumping my sweet little bottom pleadingly. i look up at Your triumphant face with a wordless plea, 'Please, Mistress K, take me now.

Bend me over and fill me with Your wonderful Girlcock.

Make me Your woman.'

Moistly Yours,


i wait breathlessly for Her reply.

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