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i am a soft, shy and sensitive 'male lesbian', tall, slender and gentle. By 'male lesbian', i mean that i identify as a femme submissive male who adores Women and wishes to submit to Femininity in all it's delicious forms i really do enjoy exploring my submissive feminine side. i adore silky stockings and lingerie, lingering lipstick kisses, the tight control of girdles and pencil skirts, the subtle bondage of high heels, and the hot, humiliating burn of a good OTK spanking. i am so in love with the Feminine that i want to be feminine in all ways possible.

The Doc-Johnson ejaculating dildo put to good use by Mistress Elaine.

Simulating a facial is all part of a gurl's training, a lovely humiliating pose showing control and emasculation.

Just posting to try and get more people to visit for free chat. I would love to have a new place to chat devoted to spanking in all it's different forms, please come join and chat. M/f F/m M/m F/m boys girls Men Women TV/TS/Trans all are welcome.

Not only assholes the whole body of her

My william does.

he licks Mine several times on most days.

And, I love it. 


Mmmm, Mother Nature's candy!

A great teacher.

Both the Lady and Her brush!


Those heavy wooden brushes really do hurt, especially when the panties are lowered. It really makes this sissygurl appreciate her panties!

Ladies..... A girlfriend of mine has been telling me of the amazing progress she has made with her gurl during "lock-down" which I shall relate in part.

Her gurl is economically active and has consequently been working from home, however, house rules being house rules she is of course required to dress fully "en-fem" whenever in the home and the lock-down has meant that this has now been "en-fem" nearly 24 x 7 for 7 weeks.

My friend has been quite wickedly creative in terms of the meetings that her gurl has had to attend on Zoom / Skype / Teams etc. The brilliance has been that she basically doesn't let her undress for the meeting. She's allowed to remove her prosthetics (but not her bra or corset) and is allowed to replace her frilly blouse with a male shirt. Her skirt and panties are removed and the shirt is tucked under her suspenders so her chastity and stockings and suspenders would be clearly visible if she was to move, especially as my friend has made her sit on a stool (which is higher than a chair) and has positioned the webcam so it's a knife edge away from showing her tucked in shirt. She's also required to wear her standard foundation and a nude shade of lippy to add to her discomfort. As my friend says, "the moment the meeting is over I want her to just be able to put on her eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and wig so that we're "good to go" again, having the foundation in place just speeds up the process and applying new scarlet lippy over nude isn't a big deal."

The mind games my friend is playing get even better!

Her gurl is normally required to wear brightly red painted false nails in the home and my friend has decided that these have to remain on during her meetings, the pressure on her not to let her hands become visible during the meetings is obviously deliciously intense, however, the pièce de résistance is that she has replaced the pump-up butt plug that previously she could sneakily give a squeeze to (just out of camera shot) during her gurl's meetings and has bought a "teledildonic" butt plug from "Hush" which she can control from her mobile phone and her gurl has to wear this throughout her meeting. 

She tells me that she sits and watches / listens and when the urge takes her, especially when her gurl is in the middle of talking to her colleagues, she zaps that thing on at the highest setting and watches her gurl squirm and try not to instinctively accidentally show her hands / nails or heaven forbid, lift herself off the stool and show her suspenders / stockings.

I've told her that she is brilliantly creative and that it sounds like an amazing "head fuck" for her gurl, my friend simply states that her gurl's general emasculation and compliance has improved beyond all expectations so lock-down has had some tangible benefits!

Food for thought Ladies..... food for thought.

The wonderful Elaine…. a woman after my own heart and a real inspiration and help to me.

She is the ultimate Transvestite Trainer…. 

Images I like as a real dominant woman:


Poor maid Vicki is in for a long, hard caning over the back of the couch this afternoon. Ms. Elaine's panties are getting damp just at the thought of it. How She loves making Vicki dance and squeal!

Images I like as a real dominant woman:


My friends will be here any minute. I want you to answer the door and curtsy prettily to each one. We are going to have so much fun with you tonight, sissy-maid!

Naked, bent over, with a red bottom. Just the way naughty "boys" should be.

What a lovely strapping! My bottom always goes such a lovely shade of red under the strap!

Don't stop spanking me, i'm going to cum!!

"Discipline and punishment are different, darling. Punishment is something I only dispense with the greatest regret. It means we've failed in some way. Discipline is how we avoid that situation. And I've found that the more strict and regular it is, the less punishment even needs mentioning. Undress, please..."


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With special thanks to Mary P. Burns, author of the soon-to-be-released "Forging a Desire Line" at Bold Strokes Books ( and Catherine Collinsworth, contributor to Sinclair Sexsmith's Best Lesbian Erotica Vol. 4, Cleis Press ( for their kind and generous review and support.

@julia88000 i agree with that baby :)

Cunnilingus and You

There seems to be a decent amount of confusion among the new generation of male sluts when it comes to eating pussy. Some seem to think it doesn’t really matter and it is just a foreplay thing, Others just plain suck at them (pun intended). I think it’s important you learn exactly what you need to do to please a woman with your mouth if you want to be a proper slut, and that is what this post will do.

1) Eye Contact

One of the most underrated skills needed to be a good pussy worshiper is maintaining eye contact. Watching your Queen’s reactions to your ministrations as she rides wave after wave of pleasure adds a lot to eating pussy,  She can look down and see you, her sweet submissive, in your proper place beneath her. So make sure to keep those eyes up. 

2) Smothering

Anyone can lick a pussy, it takes a proper cunnilinguist to choke and gasp on a sloppy wet pussy as it fills his throat with its juices. Working on taking in oxygen when its available and simultaneously licking every inch of the pussy in front of you is not only suggested, it’s necessary if you plan on fully pleasing a woman who sits on your face.

3) Tongue-work

It’s not as simple as just flicking her clit or letting her grind your face until she cums, technique is important and making sure you use your tongue as efficiently as possible will make or break a pussy worship session.

4) Work the Anus

The pussy is not the only part of woman that feels good when licked, and a good submissive male will always make sure to give the proper attention to a woman’s anus. Nothing says I am yours to own and control than literally kissing her ass.

5) Cumeating

Following intercourse, if your woman has granted you permission to cum inside her pussy consider it the greatest honor, it is only proper that you should repay this honor by cleaning her pussy thoroughly of both of your fluids.  Doing this will put you back into your proper sub-space following ejaculation when your sexual desire wanes. Additionally, given the female is multi-orgasmic the stimulation from your cleaning will prolong the event for her. This act alone will insure you will be known as the best cunnilinguist out of your wife’s friend group.

V            Her orgasmic bliss is the ULTIMATE goal, EVERYTIME!!                V

All good advice!

Please don't be shy at giving him the training be may need for him to learn what gives you the greatest pleasure. You can also give him tongue exercise sessions to build stamina for those longer sessions too. Don't forget to give him little non-orgasm rewards when he has performed well and you mustn't be afraid to punish him when he gets it wrong in spite of his training.