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i am a soft, shy and sensitive 'male lesbian', tall, slender and gentle. By 'male lesbian', i mean that i identify as a femme submissive male who adores Women and wishes to submit to Femininity in all it's delicious forms i really do enjoy exploring my submissive feminine side. i adore silky stockings and lingerie, lingering lipstick kisses, the tight control of girdles and pencil skirts, the subtle bondage of high heels, and the hot, humiliating burn of a good OTK spanking. i am so in love with the Feminine that i want to be feminine in all ways possible.

The Doc-Johnson ejaculating dildo put to good use by Mistress Elaine.

Simulating a facial is all part of a gurl's training, a lovely humiliating pose showing control and emasculation.

"You're a slut and a tramp, aren't you Trissy?"

Chrissie soon learned to love her treats hard and fast!

There! Now you really belong to Me, sissygurl. 

Don't be such a sissy! Spankings are supposed to hurt!

Bad gurls need hard, hard spankings. And some corner time to think about being a good gurl.

Oh Yes!! i love my silky panties...

Princess should be permanently naked and plugged at home.True Princess keep her main hole permanently clean and ready for random insertion.

Outdoor or in public, strict no panties policy, short tight dress only.

And you will love taking it for Her

son; i don't care that you are in collage; when you disrespect  me you get a whupping

'Oh, do be quiet, Trissy! You are here to be punished and I am NOT interested in your pathetic excuses! Now, bend over the chair and present your bottom..."